English for Pharmacy

English for Pharmacy


About this course

Do you want to discuss pharmacy and pharmaceutical processes in English with confidence? This is the course for you.

Level B1 – B2

This 20-hour, online course is designed specifically for those working in or studying pharmacy who want to use English more proficiently at work, in research or in their studies. This English course covers the language you need to describe fundamental areas of pharmacy, including:-

  • Drugs and drug classification
  • Nomenclature
  • How drugs work
  • Describing data
  • Describing the industry
  • Developing new drugs

At the end of this course, you will have learnt the English you need to discuss pharmacy in many areas. You will also have a created the basis for further, more detailed English language study in specialist fields.

On this English for Pharmacy course, you will study the language of the following areas.

Throughout the course, you will learn vocabulary, practice listening, develop your pronunciation and see how the language of pharmacy is contextualised in practice.

  • An Introduction to Pharma
  • An Industry Overview
  • Drug Classification
  • Pharmacological Classification
  • Analysing Similarities and

Difference within Classes

  • How Drugs Work
  • Major Therapeutic Targets
  • Drug Interactions
  • Working on Receptors
  • Working on Enzymes
  • The Lock and Key Analogy
  • Designing New Drugs – Key Criteria
  • Drug Nomenclature
  • Matching Chemical, Generic and

Trade Names

  • Using Mathematical Language
  • Describing Graphic Data
  • Developing New Drugs
  • The Drug Discovery Timeline
  • The Drug Development Process
  • The History of Pharmaceuticals

You have 2 months to complete the course and will receive a CPD-accredited certificate on completion for 16 CPD points.