English for Medical Academic Purposes

English for Medical Academic Purposes


About this course

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Level B2 – C1

The Challenge for Today’s Medical Students
English is the lingua franca of international medicine and pharmacy. Medical students – and professionals – need English more than ever so they can:

  • write clear and effective academic texts
  • keep up with the latest research
  • attend and speak at conferences
  • study and practice overseas
  • participate in international projects
  • network effectively in a global healthcare environment

However, for many thousands of international students around the world, studying medicine in English is difficult. Listening to lectures, reading research articles and writing reports is challenging for native speakers, let alone if English is a second or third language.

So, what to do?
Our online English for Medical Academic Purposes course is designed specifically to meet these challenges. The course gives you the language skills you need to study and practice in an international environment. On this course, you:

  • develop the skills and strategies you need to listen effectively to academic talks or read academic texts
  • learn the key features of academic writing, so you are able to write abstracts, articles and research papers clearly and effectively
  • expand your academic vocabulary
  • deepen your knowledge of grammar and structure
  • improve your study skills so you develop your ability to learn and research independently