Introduction to Child Counselling Certificate

Introduction to Child Counselling Certificate


About this course

Welcome to your child counselling course. This course focuses on the important elements of being a child counsellor and what exactly that means. Counselling is a form of therapy and it is beneficial for both children and adults. However, there are differences between counselling adults and counselling children. This course focuses on those differences and the specifics of working with children.

This course also focuses on the common approaches to child counselling and what types of strategies child counsellors use to address the challenges in a child’s life. You will learn about the many things that children face at a certain age and how to address these by giving them the tools to handle their emotions and difficult times. Promoting these healthy methods and strategies at a young age can help children have a normal development and grow into adults who are better able to manage difficult times. In this course, you will even learn about what kinds of child behaviours can be addressed using counselling.

  • Who is involved in child counselling and what role all the people in a child’s life have to play.
  • What the goals of child counselling are and when it can be used to help a child.
  • What some of the common terms are related to child counselling.
  • Signs that a child could benefit from counselling and some of the common problems they may face.
  • What approaches and strategies are used commonly in child counselling.