International Cabin Crew Certificate

International Cabin Crew Certificate


About this course

Module 1: About passage Aviation

Module 2: Types of Airlines

Module 3: Aviation Regulation

Module 4: Understanding Aviation Abbreviations

Module 5: Geography and Time Zones

Module 6: Weather conditions and Aviation Interruptions

Module 7: Layout of the Commercial Aircraft

Module 8: Passenger Announcements and Communication Systems

Module 9: The Galley

Module 10 Emergency Exits/doors

Module 11: Cabin area hand luggage

Module 12 Familiarization of Emergency Equipment

Module 13: Flight Procedures

Module 14: Emergency procedures & stress Management

Module 15: Fire & Teamwork in the event of a fire

Module 16: Aviation Security & Health and Safety

Module 17: Medical & First Aid

Module 18: Cabin Crew Uniform & Personal Grooming

Module 19: Fatigue Risk Management

Module 20: Crew Resource Management