Corso di inglese Diploma di insegnamento

Corso di inglese Diploma di insegnamento


Teaching Diploma – 5 Courses in 1 – CPD Approved

Have you dreamed of being a teacher or do you have a passion for working with children? Our teaching diploma course can provide you with a great online education experience with five courses rolled into one for added convenience.

Our online course is compatible with all devices, which enables you to study at any time based on your availability using any device you feel comfortable with, whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Introduction to Teaching Diploma

The teaching diploma provides you with 82 information packed modules that takes approximately 40 hours to complete. The course gives you a lifetime access to the modules so you can refer back to the modules as and when you need to. During your studies you enjoy online support at all times.

This diploma is CPD approved to give you complete peace of mind.

What you will learn

This course comprises of five separate courses which provide you with the knowledge and skill you need as a teacher in the modern UK school. The modules will teach you the following:

SEN Diploma – CPD Approved

  • Introduction to Special Educational Needs.
  • The history of SEN. In this module learn the definition of special educational needs.
  • Understand constructivism in the classroom and know your role as a teacher.
  • Know the SEN Code of Practice. Get to understand it, know the key points and how to implement it into your classroom.
  • Get an understanding on SENCO.
  • Learn the different types of needs. Get a good understanding on how to manage severe learning disabilities in your classroom along with identifying different physical disabilities.
  • Learn how to manage your time effectively, understand the consequences of bad behaviours and recommended methods for teaching social skills.
  • Understand physical difficulties, sensory difficulties, cognitive impairments and so much more.
  • Learn essential tips on dealing with children with autism and how to interact with them and help them learn in your classroom.
  • Know why it’s so important that you have SEN knowledge.
  • Understand how to identify special learning difficulties.
  • Understand how to manage anger.
  • Gain valuable teaching approaches and strategies which you can incorporate into your classroom.
  • Know the educational outcomes and your responsibilities.

Teaching Assistant Diploma – CPD Approved

  • Learn how to train as a teaching assistant in the United Kingdom.
  • Get a good understanding of schools as organisations.
  • Learn how to support the development of students.
  • Identify the best ways to support the school and the teacher.
  • Tips to apply learning activities. Understand what activities will help with critical and creative thinking.
  • Understand the best ways to teach numeracy skills.
  • Learn about information and communication technology in the classroom.
  • Understand the importance of play and learning.
  • Learn how to support students with special educational needs.
  • Identify how to determine students that are gifted and talented and how to work on this to help them be the best they can be, embracing their gifts.
  • Determine how to work with children who do not speak English as their first language.
  • Tips on how to engage in personal development and manage behaviour at all times.
  • Learn how to get parents involved in their child’s learning.
  • Know how to lead in extracurricular activities.

Autism Awareness Diploma – CPD Approved

  • Introduction to Autism
  • Learn what conditions are related to autism
  • Gain an understanding of the autism spectrum
  • What challenges young people with autism have to deal with
  • Learn about the main causes of autism and how it is diagnosed
  • ow people on the spectrum communicate
  • Understand autistic behaviour patterns and setting limits
  • Learn about the myths and theories connected with autism
  • The different approaches used to treat and assist people with autism
  • The importance of encouraging autistic children to socialise
  • Best practices when dealing with autistic individuals, whether at home, school or in the community
  • Organisational systems to help an autistic individual
  • Important ethical and legal considerations that must be made when working with people with autism
  • How to increase awareness about autism spectrum disorders

ADHD Diploma – CPD Approved

  • Introduction to ADHD
  • How a child with ADHD acts within a family and how parents can deal with the condition
  • The symptoms to look out for and how to get a diagnosis
  • Gain an understanding of how ADHD affects a child
  • How ADHD affects a child in their adolescent years and how they can move forward into adulthood
  • The latest research on adults with ADHD and how to get treatment
  • Medication used to treat ADHD and the alternative therapies available
  • How parents can seek help for their child
  • The challenges faced by someone with ADHD and those around them
  • Common misconceptions regarding ADHD
  • The future for someone with ADHD
  • Examples of success stories of those with ADHD
  • How to help someone with ADHD
  • Advice on where to get further help

Dyslexia Diploma – CPD Approved

  • Gain an understanding into what dyslexia is
  • The symptoms and causes of dyslexia
  • How dyslexia is diagnosed
  • Learn about the different types of dyslexia
  • Understand how dyslexia affects the learning of phonics
  • Why individuals struggle with writing and spelling
  • Learn techniques for improving speaking skills
  • What difficulties are associated with dyscalculia
  • How dyslexic students can learn science subjects
  • Learn about the Multi-Sensory Structured Language method of teaching
  • Learn how to cope with dyslexia in the workplace
  • Understand how other conditions are often seen with dyslexia
  • Find out about the treatments used to help with dyslexia
  • Why and when dyslexia can be classed as a disability under the law


There are numerous benefits to taking this Teaching Diploma course. The advantages are as follows:

  • Fast track your career.
  • Boost your knowledge and skill.
  • Study at your own pace. You can complete the course full time or part time depending on your schedule.
  • Enjoy online support throughout your studies.
  • Get five courses combined into one at an affordable price.
  • Take advantage of the lifetime access to the modules for future reference.
  • Study modules online and with any device linked to the internet.
  • CPD Approved.
  • Industry recognised certification on successful completion.
  • Download and print your certificate immediately on completion.
  • Gain valuable insight and knowledge you can start using in the workplace without delay.