British Sign Language Diploma

British Sign Language Diploma


About this course

British Sign Language Course

Sign language is one of the only ways in which deaf people or those with hearing impairments are able to communicate. This type of language involves not only hand gestures but also facial expressions and body language, all combined to enable effective communication.

Sign language is now used all over the world in many different forms. In this online training course, we will primarily focus on the UK’s main form of sign language: British Sign Language.

The British Sign Langauge course will go over some of the main elements of this language, as well as its interesting history.

From there, the course will move on to explore some of the world’s other forms of sign language. American Sign Language is most commonly used worldwide, but there are actually hundreds of different versions of sign language.

The course will also take a look at the importance of deaf awareness and why sign language is such an irreplaceable tool. People who learn sign language have many opportunities in the job market, which this course will also go over.

You will then learn many commonly used words in BSL. These are covered in three separate stages:

1. ‘Foundation’ – alphabet, numbers, colours, animals
2. ‘Basic’ – people, hobbies, weather, transport, time
3. ‘Expansion’ – greetings, daily life, home, question forms, expressions, food and drink, compass

The BSL words will be demonstrated in videos. When practising the words yourself, try to copy exactly what the person in the video is doing.

Many signs require the use of only one hand, but some require both hands to be used. You can choose which is your dominant or main hand in signing – most people choose the hand they write with. Whichever you choose, make sure you are consistent. Don’t start signing with one dominant hand and then change halfway through the conversation, as this will lead to confusion.

All in all, you will complete this BSL course with a good knowledge of sign language in general and, specifically, a sound understanding of British Sign Language.

You will then have enough knowledge to go on to complete the Level 1 Award in BSL.

BSL Course – What You Will Learn:

  • The difference between British Sign Language and other types of sign language around the world
  • How sign language is used, and why it’s so important
  • The basics and history of British Sign Language
  • Job opportunities for people who learn British Sign Language
  • Nearly 300 signs that can help in your day-to-day life

Benefits of Taking The Brisitsh Sign Language Course:

  • Gain a working knowledge of British Sign Language
  • Discover what kinds of job opportunities people who know sign language have access to
  • Learn about important aspects of the deaf community, and help build awareness
  • Complete the course with valuable knowledge about sign language and its history
  • It’s a great introduction to BSL, before taking the Level 1 Award.